“Africans share the realities of their lives abroad, why they left Africa, the struggles they face where they are and their advice/tips for our leaders and people. I am enriching the lives of Africans by giving them information. I believe that information is power and people make better decisions when they’re informed”.

When asked about her biggest challenge,

Growing up in a family of 25 in Nigeria (Africa), Chizoba always had her own imagination of what life abroad looked like but it all changed when she moved abroad and saw the realities. She decided to start Africans in Diaspora to change the perspectives and enlighten Africans.

Chizoba believes that by doing this, Africans will move abroad with an awareness and mental fitness to help them succeed. Her shows aim to encourage African leaders to empower the youth to prevent them from risking their lives sometimes going through the Libyan desert and the Mediterranean Sea to move abroad to an uncertain future.

The bigger picture …

In the future, she hopes that Africans in Diaspora will be a Global organization that helps educate, enlighten and empower Africans all over the world. The impact she’s making by creating the awareness that Africans all over the world might need before they immigrate. Till date, Africans in Diaspora has 34 episodes and counting. Guests vary from Africa, Europe, America, Asia, and Australia.

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Afswagmag © 2023. All rights reserved.