Daniele Kouassi is a millennial real estate investor. Originally from Côte d’Ivoire in West Africa, she has a Bachelor Degree in Pre-Law Political Science from University of Nebraska – Kearney. Ms. Kouassi started her real estate business in January 2018.


Daniele Kouassi
Founder, of Kehud Royal Estates LLC
Office: 4611 S 96 St #612 Omaha NE 68127
Phone: 402-819-8697

How did the choice of real estate come about?

Well, I chose this sector because I believe my calling at this time of my life is to provide shelter to those in need of one. Of course, I also needed the money to take care of myself and those I love and real estate looked like a very lucrative industry. So, it just made sense to do it.

What was your catalyst in becoming an entrepreneur?

I don’t really call myself an entrepreneur. I like businesswoman better, there is an exciting feeling about it. So, what made me become a businesswoman was I knew I was not going to be a good employee because I don’t like being told what to do. I am free spirit; I love feeling and being free to do as I please. Therefore, I really didn’t see cancelling my plans for law school to start a real estate business as a risk. It felt like the right thing to do. Both my parents own their businesses. My dad has an architectural firm and my mom has a restaurant and 3 stores that she runs. So, I grew up seeing my parents going to their own businesses everyday which I liked. My mom made me work at her stores all summer when we were off school so I learned to interact with clients and my coworkers who were ten to twenty years older than me. That taught me leadership, teamwork, and the value of hard and smart work.

What’s unique about your work and what impact are you making in your community?

We buy real estate properties As-is in 30 days or less and pay for all the costs! I love the business I am in because we are able to provide easy and stress-free transactions for our clients. We are able to offer our sellers cash for their properties in a relatively short period of time (30 days or less) and shoulder the costs that usually come with the traditional real estate transaction such as closing costs and fees, as well as repairs since we buy the properties in their as-is condition. We are also able to sell properties to our buyers for at a discounted price. Those are deals they would otherwise not be able to find on the open market. We also offer seller-financing to our buyers who don’t have the total amount required for the purchase of the house they want as well. For our seller we are able to relieve them from the stress of owning an asset that is causing them more pain than joy, and move on to something better. For our buyers, we are able to find them a shelter and/or asset at a great price which they can keep or sell and make a good profit for themselves and their family. Yes, I have a team of 8 people who help run the business successfully. The team is comprised of 6 outbound agents who help bring in sellers in needs of selling their houses, 1 acquisition manager that meets with the sellers, establishes quality rapport, and purchases the properties, and finally 1 disposition agent in charge of selling the properties.

Can you tell us about your biggest challenge you face and what will be your advice to aspiring entrepreneurs?

As any businessman or businesswoman, the biggest issue is to always deliver to the clients the best service possible, so we are always asking ourselves what can we do to provide an excellent experience to our clients? That is no easy task. I would say you first need to identify why you were brought here on earth, that’s the beginning of any real quest for success. Finding your purpose will guide you to the right business, and provide you with the tools needed to be successful. Also, always be grateful for what you have (whether that’d be the desire to be in business or having the talents and resources to be the best at what you do). Lastly, once you figure out your goal in life, you will need to be persistent and relentless in your pursuit to achievement. I highly recommend reading the book Starting with Why by Simone Sinek. My goal is to provide more houses to those in need therefore, I’m looking at getting into areas such as real estate improvement and development.

Any future project you’d like to share with us?

Ms. Kouassi would like for to the African diaspora to see real estate as a mean for them to create wealth and reach financial freedom. So, three (03) months ago Ms. Kouassi was blessed with the idea to start a gathering for Africans, African Americans, African Descents, and Caribbean, investing in real estate. The group (African Real Estate Group) keeps on growing bigger and the opportunities as well. They had over 5 meetings, where social capitals are brought to bring real solutions and brainstorm about best practices. The group’s vision is “To gather and collaborate with like-minded Africans to build wealth through real estate”.

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