Akindele Akinyemi is definitely no stranger to teaching and leading others. He’s spent 20 years in K-16 education. He’s also tried his hand at entrepreneurship before. In 2011 he started D-Versity Solutions, an Educational Consulting Company as part of the No Child Left Behind Law under former President George W. Bush. Services consisted of conducting Supplemental Educational Services (SES) for at-risk children in Ohio and South Carolina. His passion for education comes from his upbringing. With a father who came all the way from Ondo State, Nigeria to get an education and a mother (from Detroit, Michigan) who also attended college, being educated was always important in his household.

Knowing how to be financially independent was just as important. Discovering the value of financial independence and entrepreneurship started at an early age for Akindele. At age 15 he began selling his collection of comic books to pay his own phone bill and from there he learned the art of entrepreneurship. His dedication to education and creating his own stream of income influenced his desire for helping take other entrepreneurs higher.

How He Connects Entrepreneurs in the African Diaspora

Akindele created the Global African Business Association (GABA) to connect entrepreneurs in the African Diaspora and teach them how to participate in trade with African nations to build generational black wealth. As a business service, the GABA team has successfully been educating the public on how to do business in Africa and teaching Africans how to do business here in the United States. Akindele states that “a BIG part of Africans doing business here in the U.S. is understanding the U.S. Visa system. I have taken the time to learn the visa system here in the United States to advise our African community on how to legally enter the U.S. and participate in entrepreneurship without being flagged by the U. S Immigration and Customs Enforcement.”

According to Akindele, GABA is also successfully evolving into an one-stop shop for business owners in the African Diaspora. This means you can come to the GABA team to seek assistance with real estate issues, marketing, customer service training, start-up capital and business planning, community and economic development, international relations as it pertains to economics, public policy, K-12 educational consultation and import-export programs.

The Global African Business Association team with H.E. Ambassador Dr. Arikana Chihombori-Quao at Michigan State University.
Why the Global African Business Association is Unique

GABA is not like the typical business association. One of the top ways the organization stands out is its focus on connecting entrepreneurs in the United States and Africa, introducing them to lucrative Global Investment Opportunities. GABA’s business model was built based on the Fourth Industrial Revolution, as it pertains to linking up cities with key regions in Africa (for the purpose of trading and investing to link back to a particular region or city in the U.S.). The Fourth Industrial Revolution is a movement where technologies like artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles and the internet of things are merging with humans’ physical lives. Think of voice-activated assistants, facial ID recognition or digital health-care sensors. All in all, people are feeling more aware, educated and empowered when they leave a GABA training or networking event

The Global African Business Association – Houston team for the Customer Service Seminar in Houston, Texas.
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