Omaha, NE (February 3, 2022) “Silence Can Be Deadly”! It is almost time for this Spring’s best event in private viewing at the Alamo Drafthouse in LaVista, NE located at 12750 WestPort Pkwy La vista, NE 68138, Friday March 11, 2022, at 7pm. Setting the stage and the record for direct change.
Get Ready for the movie of the Year…. Privileged! Don Crucifixto Entertainment and Film. This thriller and action-packed movie represent the uncomfortable conversations between the Black American Community and the African Immigrant Community. Wale (the main character) always had the notion that to be from Africa must mean you will walk the streets of America free from any form of racism or brutality. How wrong could that be ……

Don’t miss out on this Exclusive and Private Viewing!

Tumi Oluyole, Actor and CEO, Don Crucifixto Entertainment

Starring in this thrilled Masterpiece are Joshua Eady, Tracy Obonna, Travis Cure, Bayo Alawiye, and Tumi Oluyole with Bayo Alawiye and Tumi Oluyole, both being phenomenal producers. This cast reveals the good, the bad, and the ugly, that the African American Community and the African Immigrant Community face daily, what was once hidden, has been brought to the light!
This Private Viewing is for a selected few, no tickets to purchase, private VIP only! In this Private viewing and later to be shared with the world, will be the conversations of injustice and racism to obtain further learning and teachings.
Don Crucifixto Entertainment’s vision is to be a global brand that seeks to continually bring personified entertainment to its fans.

Don Crucifixto Entertainment Company was established in 2020, in which this company has already produced: Mom and I, ABIBA, Privileged, and Transit! The next thing for Don Crucifixto in which there are a lot of movies in the pipeline.

13641 Washington Circle
Omaha, NE 68137




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