Lindsay Corporation’s values and work is best reflected in its mission statement: provides powerful irrigation, infrastructure and industrial technology solutions that conserve natural resources and enhance the quality of life for people around the world.

What started off in a garage as a family owned business in the early 50’s is now a well-known global company with a presence in 110 countries, including South Africa.

Helping farmers feed the world and conserve precious resources; helping metropolitan regions keep burgeoning populations moving freely and safely; and helping businesses thrive with better industrial connectivity solutions are key to Lindsay Corporation’s success, all the while including community projects to help those in need.

Lindsay corporation does not only provide irrigation and infrastructures; the corporation also build bridges between communities because they believe that the strength of an organization lies in the differences of its people. The CEO Randy Wood echoed those thoughts about diversity and inclusion when asked about the matter “2020 opened all of our eyes to systemic racism and motivated us to look inward and think about how we are standing up against inequalities in our communities, and what we are doing as a company to foster a more inclusive and positive workplace. We introduced a new diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) strategy with goals, objectives, and action plans to increase representation of all genders and underrepresented groups across the business. To drive progress on this DE&I strategy, we appointed our first Chief Diversity Officer.”(You can find the integrality of the Q&A here.)

A few months ago, Lindsay Corporation worked on a project for a community in Kenya. This project was inspired by the International Women’s day along with the International Water day, with the sole purpose to empower and encourage communities. Several activities including global fundraising were held to support the project: A well for community in need.

Did you know that one of the greatest causes of poverty in Africa which is also the most overlooked is the lack of access to clean drinking water? According to the Water Project website, “Nearly one billion people do not have access to clean, safe water – that’s the equivalent of 1 in 8 people on the planet!” This endeavor from Lindsay Corporation couldn’t have been more timely. 

Picture this: a community stricken by poverty with access to water exposed to contaminants, leading its children, its women and men to be sick with typhoid, cholera, and to die. Water is said to be the source of life. It has unfortunately become a source of worry, apprehension and diseases for many. 

Now picture this same community having access to clean and safe water. A community where the elderly no longer strives while trying to collect water, often times hurting themselves in the process. Such great initiative provided clean water access to over 500 people from the Shianda community near Malava, Kenya.

Lindsay Corporation didn’t stop at building the well. It provided training to select community members as far as the well’s maintenance is concerned. Clear safety instructions were given as well to avoid crowds around the well and in so doing observe the health guidelines and measures surrounding the Covid 19 pandemic. 

To many in the western part of the world, this might not mean much. But to the Shianda community, the well had and continues to have significant impact on their people. Lindsay corporation’s desire to provide infrastructures and irrigations around the world, coupled with the humanitarian projects is key to the company’s success. The company has proven that enhancing the quality of life for people around the world remained an element at the core of who they are as an entity.

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