Folly Teko, aka Le Togolais Joubel Togolais, known by most as Joubel, is a Togolese entrepreneur who has made his home in Omaha, Nebraska since the early 2000’s. At Bellevue University, Joubel started to follow his dad’s footsteps studying architecture, but ultimately found his true vocation in graphic design.

He went on to build internationally recognized brands such as the “SexyTogolais”, and Makassi Energy Drink, with his lifelong friends as partners. His brilliant design work translates his philosophy to imagery, and his personal projects campaigns have enriched African iconography with an unmistakably aspirational flair.

Joubel is unapologetically proud of his African culture – “Afroddicted” a term he coined is more like it, and he has worked tirelessly to promote African culture and experiences in the community for many years.

From hosting the “African Experience” series at House of Loom in years past, to his well-crafted “Omaha Diversity Experience” events such as: the Afro Excellence Gala 2019, these events have brought people together from all cultures to embrace and experience the diversity that is in Omaha.

Joubel most recently co-founded Afromaha with a long-time friend, to provide a platform that celebrates and showcases the creative energy and diversity of Africans, and African Culture. His loyal following of supporters thrive off of his positivity, zest for life, and steadfast dedication to helping maintain a connection to African culture.

Joubel remains a steadfast African Cultural Ambassador and People Lover!

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Afswagmag © 2023. All rights reserved.