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Gift Isiakpere

After Being in a Coma, This Nigerian Woman Woke Up with the Ability to Carve Plain Fruit Into Beautiful Sculptures, Now She’s Using Her Skills to Build a Powerhouse Business

Born in Detroit, Michigan to immigrant parents from Nigeria (who moved to the U.S. to get an education) Gift Isiakpere has always been exposed to the best blueprint for working hard to live the life you want. Moving back to Nigeria around the age of 5 further helped her cultivate her entrepreneurial skills. A natural born hustler, she started her first business in high school while living in Warri (a city in Nigeria). On her way to school she would pick fruits from the trees and sell them to other students. She spent around 2,000 naira on the things she needed to sell the fruits and made at least 11,600 naira back (especially on days it was really hot in Nigeria).

Gift Isiakpere, Founder of Fruit Fantasy. During a visit to Benin Republic she noticed people selling jewelry and soap in the market and decided to make this her side hustle. She vividly remembers spending 4,700 naira on materials to sell her jewelry and soap and making a return of 57,000! She went from selling her products to people on the street to selling them to big corporations. Her father gave her the name “little international business lady” after recognizing her ability to turn a side hustle into a full-fledged business.

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