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Frank Tucker, a Gabon born entrepreneur, is Creating a Powerful All-African Funded Media Group

Known as the man who wears many hats, Frank Tucker Ebang, is an organizational empowerment consultant. Some of his other positions include a social influencer, a novelist, a linguist, and a Pan-Africanist by passion. He is currently working with other African entrepreneurs across various platforms. He wants to bring a powerful all-African funded media group to promote our talents over the world. Thus, changing the narrative by telling our story through our own and painting the vision of the “New Africa”.

KUANZA MPYA (meaning freshening up in Swahili), is an African Media Group initiative with the vision of creating a fresh narrative and begin our own Renaissance story, instilling a share sense of urgency in our young professionals around the world and hence, leaving a legacy that generations to come would be proud to own, read, write, and talk about. We aim at creating a futuristic movement that will revive the pride and dignity that come with being an African. In his own words, “KUANZA MPYA African Media Group is my contribution to an overall, global movement, that sees, Africans reclaiming their long-denied place, as leaders, innovators, intellectuals, and active participants in the making of the world we live in.”

Franck holds a BA in International Relations with focus on African studies from American Public University Systems. As a professional Translator & Interpreter he holds a Certificate from Portland Global Translations Institutes and is also a TEFL certified instructor with the US and the UK accreditation. Franck’s passion for language has led him to work with the Alliance Française d’ Omaha as their Community Outreach Committee Chair, to help expand the Alliance’s mission of promoting the French culture, and language in Omaha. Even though this dream has been in his heart for a long time, it wasn’t until August 2019 that the company KUANZA MPYA African Media Group became formerly registered.
When asked how he found his way into this industry, Franck will quickly tell you that he was rather found by the industry. Very early on, he had a natural inclination for public speaking and community engagement and was always networking, but when one of his acquaintances, who is an entrepreneur himself in the Diaspora approached him with the vision of a media project which Franck committed to right away knowing it was the right path to follow. Franck’s decision and drive to become an entrepreneur was fueled by his yearning for self-determination. He believes that we can all shape our destiny through the power of our dreams. He quotes Walt Disney as: “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” His family background and upbringing play a huge role in his sense of responsibility and the drive behind being a good entrepreneur. He remembered how the lessons from his dad have helped mold and gave him an interconnectivity between his integrity as an entrepreneur and a responsibility as a man. To Franck, it is all about making an impact in all that he does, and he hopes it is always a positive one.

KUANZA MPYA African Media Group, seeks to essentially change the narrative about Africa. They commit to completely depart from the narrative that tells, a “single-sided story”, to a narrative that tells, the “complete story” about Africa, and Africans. They believe that if we continue to tell a narrative over and over again, even as inaccurate as it can be, it will be heard at some point. Through KUANZA MPYA African Media Group we take on the responsibility to tell our stories as Africans, knowing that it would help bring about the dignity and integrity of our people wherever they are in the world.
Besides, the responsibility to uphold a higher portray of a winning Africa in all facets, we also provide a television platform to allow local entrepreneurs, to showcase their ideas, products, and talents, thus, expanding their overall, clients, customers, staffs and or community outreach. We seek to become the premier independent and cable African media group based in the United States, providing a plethora of programs, about Africa in various settings such as in education, social, culture, politics, economics and more. Behind KUANZA MPYA African Media Group, is team of committed and vision-bounded associates working to bring the Media Group to the greater public. Franck is very proud of their hard work and dedication and would like to recognize and acknowledge their trust and hard-work through this platform. As a visionary, Franck has to identify like-minded people on new projects and initiatives, it is easier for most people to see and appreciate the finish product but not when it is its inception stage. This is the one of the common challenges faced by new entrepreneurs, the gap between the vision and the reality and the time it takes for the implementation to produce results. For Franck, it is important to continue to dream, to believe in one’s dream and never to give up for it holds the key to your destiny. We are positioning ourselves by assembling as many US based talents to mount the type of network which will position us for sustainability and future growth and competition with some of the established names in the media and broadcast industry. To assess his spotlight in the diaspora, Franck would do so through the lens of his expertise as an organizational Empowerment Consultant. In his own words: “Those who have come to know me would mostly talk of me as a motivator, someone ready to set aside his own agenda, to attend to someone else’s needs. It is at the core of who I am.” In the Diaspora, he continues to on board multiple journeys with other like-minded brothers and sisters in the community. His goal is to see everyone’s vision come to life. And Frank adds, In the words of President Barack Obama,

“Focusing your life on making a buck shows a certain poverty of ambition. It asks too little of yourself. Because it’s only when you hitch your wagon to something larger than yourself that you realize your true potential”

Frank is a Community Influencer, an Author & International Public Speaker. To stay in touch with this Certified Professional Translator & Interpreter, email: