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Franck Tucker Ebang

Generally described as a man with many hats, Frank Tucker Ebang is primarily, an organizational empowerment consultant. Social influencer, novelist, linguist, and Pan-Africanist by passion, he currently works alongside, some U.S. based African entrepreneurs to bring together an African funded media group that would provide multiple platforms for talented African professionals to be recognized around the world, thus changing the narrative into the vision of the “New Africa”.

In his own words, “KUANZA MPYA African Media Group is my contribution to an overall, global movement, that sees, Africans reclaiming their long-denied place, as leaders, innovators, intellectuals, and active participants in the making of the world we live in.”

From its Swahili meaning, KUANZA MPYA embodies the idea of freshening up. It stems from a shared belief in the urgency for young African professionals around the world, to begin our own African-Renaissance. One that succeeding generations of Africans would read, write and talk about as a go-forward movement that revived our sense of dignity and pride in being Africans. From that perspective, we begin by meeting with local African business owners, educators, health professionals, attorneys, and offer to them, the opportunity to be broadcasted for a greater view in one of our multiple programs. This, we hope would progressively bring together a sense of awareness in our communities, calling for Africans to support each other.

As a language- passionate, Franck also works alongside the Alliance Francaise d’Omaha as their Community Outreach Committee Chair, to help expand the Alliance’s mission of promoting the French culture, and language in Omaha.