Deborah Gaspard is a full time instructor in the business division at the Metropolitan Community college in Nebraska. She is also the Program director of the marketing and entrepreneurship programs.

After completing her Master’s degree from Tulane University in her native state of New Orleans, Deborah moved to Nebraska in search of greener pastures and better professional opportunities. Her love for academia compelled her to pursue a career in that field, over 20 years ago. Over the years, she taught at both public and private institutions to a diversity of students from various backgrounds. 

Her journey at the Metropolitan Community College started fairly two years ago, although already rich in experience. Metro, according to her is the most diverse educational institution in the states due to its favorable positioning in the South East corner, serving a community composed of different backgrounds. As such, Metro strives to provide relevant educational and professional content to accommodate its communities. 

Talking about professional curriculums, Metro has a business division which serves close to ten (10) thousand students, seeking to acquire skills in addition to their degrees. Metro Community College sets itself apart from the traditional Community Colleges and what they offer. Along with the core business courses, metro is now embarking on career certificates such as Customer Service certificate, Real Estate certificate, Financial Services etc. The diversity in the programs offered greatly considers individuals and students seeking to acquire some skillset which will prepare them to quickly embrace the professional and corporate world. Besides, the Entrepreneurship programs are a delight to the students seeking to arm themselves in starting their own businesses and building their brands. Metro understands that developing ideas for a business, although a great start, is not enough; steps need to be taken towards bringing the idea to life, into a viable business. 

Although Metro provides curriculums for Entrepreneurship, it has not yet engaged in testing businesses on site. One of Metro’s desires is to collaborate with other entities to build, encourage and empower minority entrepreneurship. This was the case of North End Teleservices which partnered with Metro to improve their Customer Service department. North End Teleservices understood that one key success for a business is the customer’s experience. I am sure you’ve heard of the expressions “the customer is king” and “the customer is always right”. Therefore, significant investment was made in their employees’ education, training Customer Experience agents who will cater directly and better to their customers’ satisfaction. Metro developed new courses, tailoring them to the company in order to better address their needs. Their success is Metro’s success. 

Metro Community College represents more than a school; it is a training ground for everyone. Metro Community College strives to symbolize each of its student, respecting the values they stand for and their culture. Metro also works on taking steps to deliver culturally inclusive curriculums to better serve each niche of students. Admittedly, People of color are present, but they are included in the leadership and decision making roles, in faculty, representing the various communities in a transparent and welcoming environment. 

Deborah Gaspard not only promotes Metro as a safe place, but also a door to unlocking the potential of every individual seeking to unveil their hidden talent, acquire skills and embark on a new life adventure. Deborah lives in Nebraska with her 3 sons and her five grandchildren.

Like the saying goes, the good life is calling and that good life starts at Metro Community College. 

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