Blaise D’Almeida aka Don Pompeo d’Almeida is making an impact in the African Diaspora through his business services of Beta Tax Services. The company has been providing honest, accurate, affordable tax preparation and consulting services to the community since 2008.

As an innovator, Blaise is constantly seeking new initiatives, aspiring to greatness and instilling hope daily through his business and life. He holds an MBA and has trained with H&R Block since 2008 in tax preparation and filing and became registered with the IRS as an electronic filer in 2009 and has been offering his services since. Through Beta Services, he offers a wide range of tax preparation services to individuals, business, accounting services, insurance, and financial services.

Blaise is also in the Solar Panel business, trading with Africa to solve energy problem. Connect with him for your tax services needs and to know more about how to get your loved ones in remote areas in Africa, access to solar panel.

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Afswagmag © 2023. All rights reserved.