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About Us

Startup Magazine and Publications

Afro Swag Media & Magazine is a startup magazine and publications brand built on a bedrock of optimal quality and standard. We are a company under the expert leadership and tutelage of a forward-thinking and highly motivated individual who is focused on telling the exploits and events of African entrepreneurs in the US. Our sheer commitment and passion are amongst many factors that will guarantee our success.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the number one periodical/publication to broadcast African Diaspora entrepreneurs, businesses, innovators, and events in the United States. Our model is entered on producing/publishing a periodic full service, next generation, local and In-flight (airlines) magazine (newsletter). We pride ourselves as the largest listing of the African Diaspora database of entrepreneurs from various industries.

Our Mission

Afro Swag Media & Magazine’s mission is to provide credible, factual and unbiased information. Our unique concept offers Profiles, Listings, and Events of African Diaspora professionals and businesses in the US. Our purpose is to take culture and ethnic experiences/exposures to creative economies by sharing our own stories, spotlighting the amazing entrepreneurs, featuring change-makers and innovators. By doing so we will attract African Investors visa as well as increase trade with Africa.